Review Page

"I bought a few gorgeous photographs taken by Jesse Daniel Lifson @DoYouEvenLif. They are beautiful and I get such a sense of calm from them. I look forward to acquiring more of the stunning photographs in this collection, and I highly recommend others taking a look at his work." 

- Suzy 


"I had two 8x10 photos gifted to me. They are beautiful and I'm so pleased. I would purchase from Jesse if Social Security Income allowed the expense and found other great photos. I would refer others to him as well." 

- Barb


Many thanks to Jesse for mailing me two prints - he's a very talented photographer; he is passionate about his work as well as helping us through the chaos we've all been dealing with. We need many more like him. 

- Greg 


"I purchased four photographs from Jesse, and I absolutely love them. They'll be prominently displayed for others to enjoy. I can't wait to get his new night shot - it is truly beautiful." 

- Jenn


"My photos arrived today - they are simply gorgeous. Thank you so much." 

- Joanie 


"Both sets of cards look great. (hearts). Thank you so much. I will be ordering again."

- Crystal 


"I received Jesse's notecards today. They are just beautiful." 

- Jan